Top things to do in Duisburg

Duisburg port ajok/Flickr

Duisburg port ©ajok/Flickr

Duisburg is one of the best choices for a great holiday. It is well-known for its wonderful parks and lakes, not to mention the fantastic outdoor leisure possibilities. Besides, there are several great art galleries, museums and the popular König Brewery here. This one is well-known throughout the entire country. It also has the world’s largest inland port. This beautiful city actually became famous for its coal mining, steel and metal production. It is with no doubt a worth visiting city which has numerous thing to do on offer. Below I will present you the top things to do in Duisburg. I hope that this guide will help you making a good decision and spending a great holiday in Duisburg.

Exploring the port

As I already mentioned, Duisburg is famous for having the world’s largest inland port. It is very important as more than 40 millions of tones of different goods are transported to Duisburg each year through the port. The inland port named Duisport is extremely popular among both residents and tourists. The area is home to numerous popular restaurants, bars and cafes. One of the highlights of it is the Garden of Remembrance, a unique pedestrian bridge. Other popular attractions are old warehouses and a marina.

Duisburg port ajok/Flickr

Duisburg port ©ajok/Flickr

Making refreshing walks in the Landschafspark Nord

The public park was actually created to present the industrial past of the city. Landschafspark Nord associates itself with the industrial past of the site. We can say that it is a perfect example of revitalization. Visitors can walk around the alpine gardens and where once there was an old factory. There is also the possibility of going underwater diving in a huge flooded former gas tank. Visiting the park is surely a unique experience.

Landschafspark Nord TijsB/Flickr

Landschafspark Nord ©TijsB/Flickr

Having fun in Duisburg Zoo

If you are traveling with children, I suggest you to take them to the fantastic Duisburg Zoo. The huge zoo is famous for opening the first dolphinarium in Europe. There is a huge number of over 1.800 animals of more than 300 species in the zoological garden, including koalas, elephants, giraffes, big cats and others. Besides, visitors can admire the wonderful Chinese garden of the zoo.

Duisburg Zoo nexuna/Flickr

Duisburg Zoo ©nexuna/Flickr

Shopping on the Königstrasse

The Königstrasse is a popular shopping area of the city. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find some great things or souvenirs to buy here. After an exhausting day of sightseeing and shopping you can relax in one of the cafes, visit a fresh food market or the popular Duisburg Casino.

Visiting the Museum of Inland Navigation

As one of the most interesting museums of Duisburg, the Museum of Inland Navigation is with no doubt a unique experience. There are real-life old ships in this astonishing museum, not to mention the Oscar Huber which is a fantastic 20th century paddle steamer and the Minden, a 19th century gorgeous bucket dredger, both docked just a couple of minutes walk away from the museum.

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