Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany


There is a World Heritage list that includes 936 sites all over the world. According to the UNESCO definition, they represent our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Out of the 936 properties, 725 are cultural sites, 183 are represented by natural monuments and of them are represented mixed properties. Germany is extremely well represented at this chapter as it currently has 37 properties. The top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany include religious sites such as Romanesque churches, abbeys, cathedrals and monasteries, but also entire towns, castles and palaces.

Medieval towns


The Hanseatic city of Lübeck is a UNESCO World Heritage Site even since 1987. This was the first town to be officially designated as a cultural heritage. The town was founded in 1143 as the first city on the Baltic coast. It has a medieval atmosphere and beautiful cultural views. The city architecture is represented by the seven churches and other gothic buildings.

Stralsund and Wismar are two typical examples of the Hanseatic towns from the 14th century.  The town centres have a medieval layout, while the buildings illustrate the wealth and the political impact of the medieval Baltic towns. Bremen has been recently declared a world heritage site due to its unique and cultural background. Limes is the former fortified border line of the Roman empire. It reminds of the Roan civilization that existed thousands of years ago and which had a remarkable influence on the cultural development of Germany.

Museum Island in Berlin is the most famous museum in the world and a World Heritage Site since 1999. It shows six thousand years of history in five museums. The most extensive of top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany are the Prussian parks in Potsdam and Berlin.

Castles and churches


The best-preserved German castle in Germany is the Wartburg Castle. The complex was started in 1067 and still preserves a gothic medieval style. The castles attract its visitors with its art treasures, such as Lucas Cranach’s paintings or unique collections of antique cutlery.

St Michael’s Church and St Mary’s Cathedral are UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1985. St Michael’s together with the cathedral are the outstanding monuments of the Romanesque architecture. Germany is a beautiful country with powerful historical background and lots of World Heritage Sites that worth visiting.

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