Tourist guide to Marburg

Marburg buildings Tilo 2006/Flickr

Marburg buildings ©Tilo 2006/Flickr

There are tens of immense German cities which make top tourist destinations of Europe and even of the entire world. The capital city – Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Dusseldorf are just some of the most visited and most attractive German cities. If you visit any of these destinations, make sure that there will be tourist crowds in almost every season.

Well, if you would like to avoid the crowds, I recommend you to choose a smaller city or town as your next destination. One beautiful German small city is the astonishing Marburg. Situated in the state of Hesse, the city is abundant in landmarks and visitor attractions. There are some excellent sights in this beautiful city which are absolutely worth visiting. Are you interested in these? To find out, read this tourist guide to Marburg.

About Marburg

Marburg is best-known as an unspoiled, castle-crowned university town dominated by both Gothic and Renaissance buildings. The city lies on a hill, being almost intact due to its isolation between 1600 and 1850.

The Old City of Marburg has received many awards and prizes along the years. It is the most attractive region of the city, being characterized by narrow scenic streets and even half-timbered buildings. A very important thing about Marburg is that its buildings have not been destroyed, but restored. The city succeeded to protect its unique heritage.

Marburg buildings Tilo 2006/Flickr

Marburg buildings ©Tilo 2006/Flickr

Marburger Schloss

When it comes to architectural landmarks, Marburg is most famous for its castle named Marburger Schloss. It is a beautiful castle situated on top of Schlossberg, at a height of about 280 m. Marburger Schloss was built during the 11th century as a fort. Today it is considered a famous and attractive landmark of the city, besides, it houses a museum and hosts numerous events yearly.

The castle can be visited daily, except Mondays. April to October it is open from 10:00 to 18:00, November to March it is open from 10:00 to 16:00, while April to October guided tours are available Sundays at 15:00. Tickets cost 4 € (November 2013)

Marburger Schloss Allie_Caulfield/Flickr

Marburger Schloss ©Allie_Caulfield/Flickr

St. Elizabeth Church (Elisabethkirche)

Another important landmark of Marburg is the beautiful Gothic church of Elisabethkirche. The church was built in honor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. The tomb of the princess can be found inside the church. Therefore, it used to be an important pilgrimage church in the late Middle Ages. It is a beautiful immense church which is very attractive for tourists.

Marburg City Hall Tilo 2006/Flickr

Marburg City Hall ©Tilo 2006/Flickr

The Old Botanical Garden

The Old Botanical Garden is a historic arboretum and botanical garden which is maintained today by the University of Marburg. It is a very popular open space of the town, being a free visitor attraction. It is open daily.


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