Tourist guide to Münster

Münster Prinzipalmarkt by night westher/Flickr

Münster Prinzipalmarkt by night ©westher/Flickr

The city of Münster is situated in the western part of Germany, more precisely in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. There are numerous sights to see in this beautiful city. Münster is abundant in attractive architectural landmarks (Erbdrostenhof Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Stadthaus and others) and museums.

Whether you prefer to visit churches, museums or botanical gardens for instance, the city has to offer something for everyone. It is not a huge city which can be a great advantage for those willing to avoid tourist crowds. In case you are planning to visit this region of the country, I recommend you not to miss Münster. The following tourist guide to Münster will help you finding the best sights.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

As one of the most important landmarks of Münster, St. Paul’s Cathedral (also known as Münster Cathedral), the Roman Catholic cathedral is very attractive for tourists. It was built during the 13th century, combining the features of Romanesque and early Gothic styles.

The cathedral is famous for its astronomical clock adorned with hand-painted zodiac symbols. The clock plays a Glockenspiel tune every day, at noon. The cathedral is considered a fine example of Romanesque and Gothic styles in Germany.

View over Münster Profilbesitzer/Flickr

View over Münster ©Profilbesitzer/Flickr


There are numerous museums in Münster. The Town Museum, the Westphalia Museum for Natural History, the Westphalia State Museum of Art and Cultural History and the West Prussian State Museum are just some of the most popular and most visited museums of the city.

The Town Museum for instance presents a large exhibition of different collections presenting the cultural and political history of the city, from the beginnings up to present times. If you are interested in history, don’t miss it.

Münster Rathaus Allie_Caulfield/Flickr

Münster Rathaus ©Allie_Caulfield/Flickr

Münster Botanical Garden

Are you a lover of nature? If you visit Münster, I recommend you to make a relaxing walk in Münster’s Botanical Garden. Founded in 1803, it is an important visitor attraction of the city. It can be found behind the Prince Bishop’s Castle, within the grounds of the castle.

The botanical garden is a free tourist attraction and is open every day. The garden is home to about 8,000 species of plants, being divided into an Alpine Garden, a Cottage garden, an Arboretum, Mediterranean plants, New Zealand and Australia plants and so on. It is a large and very attractive garden which is absolutely worth visiting.

The Prinzipalmarkt

The Prinzipalmarkt is the city’s main shopping street. It is situated in the city centre together with the Gothic Stadthaus. The street is lined by beautiful buildings, being famous for its luxurious shops and cafés. It is a very attractive region of the city, dragging numerous tourists.

Münster Prinzipalmarkt by night westher/Flickr

Münster Prinzipalmarkt by night ©westher/Flickr




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