Transportation in Germany

Germany has a dense population, a developed economy and a very modern transportation infrastructure. In fact, the country has one of the largest and complex transportation systems in the world (after the United States). Public transportation in Germany is efficient because of top speed trains. The Intercity Express Trains (speeding up to 180 mph), the buses, the boats, the subways and other can get travelers anywhere they want. Ticket prices may vary, but because of the good quality and efficiency of the public transportation, it is not cheap. However, it might be more worthy for you because it does not only take you to any part of the country and it is also much more environmentally friendly.


photo by Roger4336/flickr

You will probably find traveling around Germany very easy with the trains because they are reliable, comfortable and very clean.  This is the first choice of transportation in Germany for many travelers. You must know that you need to buy separate train pass tickets in case you need to travel between different provinces and that there are special deals for foreign visitors.

The trains in Germany are usually linked to another mean of transportation, such as the bus. One can take the bus from where the train leaves off and this way the travelers can reach the major points of interest. You will find cabs anywhere near bus or train stations.


Bus is another popular mean of transportation and it’s easy to use. You will find cabs anywhere near bus or train stations, but most of the cab drivers are not English speakers so you might want to go for the bus if you have to chose. The majority of young Germans though speak English and are glad to help you find the bus or train you are looking for.


Traveling by air is fast and comfortable but costlier. If you wish to travel by air within Germany, you must go to one of the main airports in the country. The major airports are located in Frankfurt, Berlin, Bonn, Stuttgart, Munich and Cologne and they and are linking the internal as well as the external flights.

Traveling in Germany by boat is not a very popular option but it may be extremely beautiful because the German rivers are able to provide truly interesting and peaceful experience. One can admire the beautiful architecture and landscapes during the travel.

You may also consider renting a car as an alternative for public transportation but you must know that this is very expensive in Germany. In the cities, parking may be a hassle and the central parts are closed for cars. It is good to know that the network of roads is expanded and well-maintained and that Germany has no speed limit motorways so you will enjoy driving your car as fast as you can.

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