Travel Tips For Visiting Germany with low budget

Do you want to visit German but you are worried about planning your budget for the trip? You should know that Germanyis a relatively cheap country to visit and that some of the cities rank among the cheapest big cities in Europe. Consequently, you do not need much money to visit this country. Here are some travel tips for visiting Germany with low budget.



Try to find cheap flights toGermanyusing the early booking option. Normally, the earlier you book, the cheaper the flight is. In order to find even cheaper flights to Germany, look for off-season tickets, as the most expensive tickets are in summer and around the holiday season in December.

For local transportation, you can rent a car using one of the on-line rental services. You will surely get much better deals if you rent your car in advance. Plus that, you have the opportunity to compare the rental prices much easier. If you don’t feel comfortable about driving, consider visitingGermanyby train. There are many special passes and discount train tickets that will allow you to travel from one side ofGermanyto another at very low rates. The Happy Weekend Ticket allows you to travel as much as you want during the weekend for only 35 euro.

You should not worry about the local transportation either, as most cities in Germany offer special passes that allow unlimited travel on the public transportation. These even include discounts or free entries to local museums or galleries.

Accommodation & Eating out


One of the best travel tips for visiting Germany with low budget is staying in one of the hostels. Most of them offer single or double rooms with private facilities and the rates go between 30 and 90 Euros. If you don’t mind sharing the room with other tourists, you can rest for the night for only 12 Euros.

Besides the fancy restaurants in the big cities, you can always find budget places to eat out inGermany. They are called „Imbiss” and offer the same specialities as the big fancy restaurants. You can try here some of the delicious traditional wursts.

Visiting the cities


In case you are a student, you should bring your student card with you as this will allow you to get many discounts. Many of the German museums have an entry-free day, so you can check this date and take this opportunity. For instance, the admission on the Museum Island inBerlin is free every Thursday. Many other attractions in Germany are for free, such as visiting the old towns, the harbours or the traditional Christmas markets.

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