Understanding the German Lifestyle

Understanding the German Lifestyle comes easily as Germany is a modern and also a cosmopolitan country. The locals are open minded and friendly and the food is absolutely delicious.

The Lifestyle

Overall, this lifestyle can be characterized by openness, multi-national diversity and by high living standard. These characteristics come from the freedom of worship and from the separation of church from the state and they all contribute to creating the unique German lifestyle, one full of diversity and opportunities but still homogeneous through the country.

The people

When it comes to understanding the German Lifestyle of the society, we must see it as a modern, cosmopolitan and tolerant society with very diverse people. First, it is a multicultural society, with more than 8% of the population coming from foreign countries. The post-war immigrant workers decided to stay because of the high living standards and so did the Turkish immigrants who came later in Germany. The state government makes sure the immigrants as well as the Germans can work and live together without any issues and the immigrants can easily accommodate to the German lifestyle. The population (with more than 82 million inhabitants) is mainly German (95.1%), but is formed of other ethnical groups, such as Turkish (1.7%), Italian (0.4%), Greek (04%) or Polish (0.4%). Then, you should also know that because there is no state religion here, everyone has the freedom of worship which is also guaranteed by the constitution. However, two thirds of the population are either Catholics or Protestants and many others are member of the Judaic or Islamic cult.

Most people are educated and have a high living standard. However, the recent economic crisis seems to have influenced the German standard of living. Government statistics show that one out of four people in Germany are “poor” (citizens are classified as “poor” and they receive state subsidies if they have less than 60% of the medium income at their disposal).

For many of the Germans, the family is their main focus. Germans are hard-workers but they do not neglect the family aspect either and the family’s importance in German life has surprisingly increased. Germans usually enjoy socializing or having fun and are very open-minded.  They easily engage in conversations and socialize a lot during the festivals.

The population growth rate is 0.26%. Nonetheless, like many other modern countries, Germany is facing the issues of demographic trends, such as the aging of the society (20% of the population is over 65 years). Nowadays, most of the elderly people in Germany are independent and are socially active.

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