Urban travel destinations in Lower Saxony

New Town Hall, Hanover myahya/Flickr

New Town Hall, Hanover ©myahya/Flickr

The state of Lower Saxony is situated in the northwestern part of the country, being the second largest state of Germany. Seven islands belong administratively to the state called the East Frisian Islands which are popular tourist destinations. This huge state is also very popular among visitors, being home to some fantastic natural and cultural attractions.

There are also numerous famous cities in Lower Saxony of which the most important ones are the following: Hanover, Göttingen, Brunswick, Oldenburg, Lüneburg, Hildesheim and others. In the following article I will present you some useful information about the best urban travel destinations in Lower Saxony. I hope it will help you during your holiday spent in this wonderful state.


Perhaps the best-known of the following cities is the state capital, the wonderful city of Hanover. It is internationally famous, being an important commercial centre of Germany. This spectacular city is a major tourist destination within Lower Saxony. It is considered one of the best urban travel destinations of the state. Some of the tens of fascinating visitor attractions and landmarks of Hanover are the following: the beautiful New Town Hall, the astonishing Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, the Hanover State Opera, the Market Church, the huge Hanover Zoo, the Old Town Hall, the Waterloo Column, numerous interesting museums, theatres, art galleries and other points of interest. Besides, there are regular events which are attractive for visitors, too.

New Town Hall, Hanover myahya/Flickr

New Town Hall, Hanover ©myahya/Flickr


Another beautiful city of Lower Saxony is the university town of Göttingen. The city is with no doubt a must-visit urban destination of the state. There are dozens of things to see in this magnificent city, including dozens of churches, museums, theatres, gardens and squares. The best attractions of Göttingen are the following: St Michael Church, St James’s Church, St John’s Church, Göttingen City Museum, Paulinerkirche, the New and Old Botanical Gardens of the University and others.


Also named Braunschweig, the city of Brunswick is situated in the northern part of the Harz Mountains. It is with no doubt a paradise for the lovers of sightseeing, owning some magnificent landmarks and tourist attractions, such as its New Town Hall, the Old Town Hall, the Brunswick Palace, Andreaskirche, the Richmond Palace, the Rizz-Haus, the Church of St Martin, the Botanical Garden, numerous museums and old buildings. A visit to this beautiful city is surely a memorable journey.

The Old Town Hall, Brunswick en.wikipedia.org

The Old Town Hall, Brunswick ©en.wikipedia.org


As one of the most attractive cities of Lower Saxony, Lüneburg is a must-visit destination for you, too. There are dozens of things to see in this wonderful city, ranging from churches to squares, from museums to theatres and from parks to magnificent old buildings. The historic city is so beautiful and peaceful with its wonderful old buildings and scenic streets that you might feel you stepped back in past while walking in Lüneburg.

Old buildings in Luneburg en.wikipedia.org

Old buildings in Luneburg ©en.wikipedia.org



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