Useful tips for public transportation in Berlin

Bus 100 Berlin

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Public transportation in Berlin is very efficient, punctual, well developed and quite cheap. It helps you reach every sight you want to visit. There are numerous different means of transportation in the German capital city, ranging from U-Bahn (underground) to S-Bahn (commuter rail), from buses to trams, taxis and even small ferries.

A fantastic thing about the transportation in Berlin is that there is a WelcomeCard perfect for three days-holidays. If you purchase a 72-hour WelcomeCardpass, you will have unlimited access to any means of transportation and in addition discounts at different sights. The cards cost only 23.90 euros and are very useful. If you would like to get more useful tips for public transportation in Berlin, read the following article.

WelcomeCard Berlin

As I already mentioned it, a WelcomCard is the best choice for tourists. There are three zones in Berlin, thus the tickets are made to be suitable with these zones. There are 2 cards: one is for zones A and B while the other one is for zones A,B and C. The second one includes transportation from Berlin Schoenefeld airport into the city by S-Bahn. This card is also available within Potsdam. Another type of card is the WelcomeCard BerlinMuseum Island AB. This special card includes the entry to the Museums Island’s well-known museums and is valid for three entire days for a price of 34 euros.


There are numerous buses in Berlin. If you would like to visit the major attractions of the city, get on the Bus 100 double decker. You can use the 2 Zone tickets and passes for this bus. It starts from the Zoo Station and passes along many landmarks, including the Europa Center, Brandenburg Gate the Reichstag Building, the TV Tower and so on, and ends the route at Alexanderplatz. Another route is followed by Bus 200 which also passes along the major attractions of the city.

Bus 100 Berlin

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U-Bahn and S-Bahn

The major means of transportation used by local people are the U-Bahn-s and S-Bahn-s. The major part of the U-Bahn-s operates underground. These are perfect for rapid transit inside the city. There are nine well-developed lines with over 170 stations in Berlin. The S-Bahn-s operates usually at ground level. There are three core lines of which the most important for tourists is the one named Stadtbahn. It runs along some major attractions, including Berlin Zoo, Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstrasse, Berlin Central Station and others.

S-Bahn Berlin

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There are 22 tram lines in the German capital city. The trams are very popular and useful in areas which are not well served by the S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines. You may also find them useful if you are visiting such areas.

Berlin Trams

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