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I keep thinking what should I start with when presenting this amazing city and I confess it is quite difficult to pick up just one thing. I guess what might really strike you is that Dusseldorf has been voted as having the highest quality of life in Germany and has been ranked the 6th worldwide from the same perspective. Now has that stirred your attention and made you want to visit Dusseldorf? That was what I was thinking. S0, now that you decided your destination, let’s try to find out a little more about it.


Düsseldorf is located in the middle of the Rhin-Ruhr metropolitan region, the largest metropolitan region in the country. The city is crossed by the river Rhin offering exciting outdoor activities and wonderful walks on the promenade. The locals can also brag about the delta the river Dussel forms when flowing into the Rhine. Nature has plenty of wonders to offer if you choose to visit Dusseldorf, so you do not have to worry about the lack of amazing landscapes.

Why visit


There are so many activities this city has to offer and you can have so much fun on a trip to Dusseldorf that a one week vacation might not be enough. I mean, just think about it. Dusseldorf is one of the largest economic centers of Western Germany. What do you mean: so what? Can you even think about the dynamic and excitement this amazing city has to offer? Dusseldorf is worldwide known for its nightlife, events, carnivals, fashion, shopping, trade fairs and Kimmer fun fair, which run for 9 days on the summer. We will talk about this in greater details in the following posts.


I can guarantee you that Dusseldorf is a safe destination. Just like in any other European city you might want to avoid the outskirts or the surroundings of the central railway station during the night, but except for that you should simply relax and enjoy your vacation.



The name of this beautiful city stands for ‘village of fools’, as ‘dussel’ means ‘fool’ and ‘dorf’, of course, ‘village’, however this place is anything but.  I found it hard to gather documentation on why this dynamic place has been given such a name and I like to think that ‘fools’ is nothing but a metaphoric way of referring to people still in love with excellence and beauty, two words that define Dusseldorf.

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