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Kulmbach Town Hall LanguageTeaching/Flickr

Kulmbach Town Hall ©LanguageTeaching/Flickr

Kulmbach is a beautiful town in Bavaria. It is the capital of the Kulmbach district. The town is famous for housing the world’s largest soldier museum inside the Plassenburg Castle, and for the Bratwürste, its famous sausages. In case you are looking for a peaceful destination instead of large and crowded cities, I recommend you to visit Kulmbach.

There are numerous sights to visit in this beautiful town, including museums, churches and other buildings. The famous Plassenburg Castle, the Town Hall, St. Peter’s Church, the Bavarian Brewery and Bakery Museum are just some of the most famous sights of the town. Besides, there are regular events held in the town which are very attractive for visitors.

The Plassenburg Castle

As one of the most significant Renaissance castles of Germany, Plassenburg Castle is the most significant landmark of Kulmbach. First mentioned in 1135, the castle is one of the most impressive of its kind in the country. It used to serve as a fortress and residence for the Hohenzollern family. Besides its outer attractiveness, the castle is home to an important collection of Prussian portraits and military artifacts.

Plassenburg Castle in the background Language Teaching/Flickr

Plassenburg Castle in the background ©LanguageTeaching/Flickr

The Town Hall

Kulmbach’s Town Hall was built in 1752. The plans for the building’s rococo façade belong to Joseph Saint-Pierre, Bayreuth’s royal master builder. The previous town hall of Kulmbach which dated between 1500 and 1530, was demolished. The Town Hall is a beautiful building which is very attractive for visitors.

Kulmbach Town Hall LanguageTeaching/Flickr

Kulmbach Town Hall ©LanguageTeaching/Flickr

St. Peter’s Church

One of the religious buildings of the city, St. Peter’s Church used to be a former fortified church. Petrikirche was remodeled as a Late Gothic church. During the 19th century the interior of the church was decorated in Gothic Revival style. Not only the exterior, but the interior of the church is also very attractive.

The Bavarian Brewery and Bakery Museum

Besides the collections presented within the Plassenburg Castle, there are other museums in the town, too. One of these is the Bavarian Brewery and Bakery Museum. Beer has been brewed here for over 600 years. The large museum and a restaurant can be found on the site of the former Mönchshof Brewery. The museum is very attractive for visitors, especially for those who love beer.

Kulmbach cityscape LanguageTeaching/Flickr

Kulmbach cityscape ©LanguageTeaching/Flickr

Regular events

There are numerous regular events held in the town of Kulmbach. The Volksfest (Folk festival) occurs in every April. Another Volksfest occurs in May. The Kulmbach Beer Week occurs at the end of July, while the “Old town festival” is held in June. Besides, there are numerous other events and festivals held in the town.




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