Visit the beautiful Mainau Island

Mainau Island flower beds gravitat-OFF/Flickr

Mainau Island flower beds ©gravitat-OFF/Flickr

A very popular tourist destination in Germany is the breathtaking Lake Constance (Bodensee). Located in the southern part of the country, the lake actually lies on the territory of three countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Mainau Island is one of the highlights of the region. The beautiful island is famous for its gardens and parks. It is a popular destination for tourists, attracting dozens of visitors yearly. Besides the gardens and parks of the island, Mainau has other attractions to offer its visitors, too, including the annual events and festivals. If your next destination in the southern part of Germany or Lake Constance, you can not miss to visit the beautiful Mainau Island.

The island

As I already mentioned it, the Mainau Island is an inland island of Germany, being one of the highlights of Bodensee (Lake Constance). It is a popular tourist destination due to its astonishing landscapes, gardens and parks. Many local people spend their afternoons or weekends on this magnificent little island.

If you are a lover of nature or flowers, you can not miss to visit it either. Spring is the best time of the year to visit this breathtaking paradise, but early summer is perfect, too. I suggest you to make your packages as soon as you can and enjoy the pure beauty at Mainau. Besides, Mainau Castle is a great attraction on the island. In addition, some rooms can be rent for different events.

Mainau Island flowers DHausBT/Flickr

Mainau Island flowers ©DHausBT/Flickr

The gardens and parks

The highlights of the island are the wonderful gardens and parks. There is a huge arboretum here which includes about 500 of species of coniferous and deciduous trees. There are also numerous species of rhododendron on the island.

Other attractions of the island are the Mediterranean terraces, the Italian Rose Garden, tulip gardens and others. All the gardens are breathtaking. With thousands of flowers, bushes, palm trees, cactus, agaves and others, the island is a must-visit for the lovers of plants. If you also love flowers, you will surely enjoy the visit.  

Mainau Island flower beds gravitat-OFF/Flickr

Mainau Island flower beds ©gravitat-OFF/Flickr


Besides the gardens and parks, the island has some great events to offer its visitors. One of the best events is the Lake Constance Folklore Day. It occurs in April, so this year you don’t have the opportunity to attend it, but next year you can. Hundreds of traditional costumed people attend the festival. The event begins with a fantastic colorful parade which starts from the lakeside promenade and goes up to the castle. If you love German festivals, you will surely love this one, too.

Tourist information

There are various options to get to the island. One of the best ways to get on Mainau is by ferry service. The island can be visited “from sunrise until sunset”. There is an entry fee: € 8,00 for adults, € 4,00 for children (it is free for children under 13), for groups (minimum 10 person) it is € 7,00 per person. (June 2013) It is important to mention that there are numerous themed guided tours on the island. For more information check their website.

Mainau Castle fcstpauligab/Flickr

Mainau Castle ©fcstpauligab/Flickr

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