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Erfurt Cathedral oliworx/Flickr

Erfurt Cathedral ©oliworx/Flickr

Erfurt is considered to be the main city nearest Germany’s geographical center. It is the capital city of Thuringia and a main tourist destination. The city is home to numerous fascinating tourist attractions and landmarks. From churches to museums, from theatres to architectural jewels, the city is home to several sights to visit. Are you planning to visit the city of Erfurt? Are you interested in the best sights of the city? I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present you some of the best-known landmarks of Erfurt, including Erfurt Cathedral, St. Severus Church, Krämerbrücke, the Old Synagogue and Petersberg Citadel.

Erfurt Cathedral

Also known as St. Mary’s Cathedral, Erfurt Cathedral is one of the best-known landmarks of the city. The majestic religious building sits on the city’s Cathedral Hill. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral which wears the characteristics of International Gothic architectural style. The site of the actual cathedral used to be the location for many other former churches. Today the beautifully decorated cathedral is a main tourist attraction of Erfurt. You can not miss to admire its breathtaking interior part either.

Erfurt Cathedral oliworx/Flickr

Erfurt Cathedral ©oliworx/Flickr

St. Severus Church

Besides the cathedral, Erfurt is dominated by the beautiful St. Severus Church (Severikirche). It is a Gothic hall church situated near the cathedral. The Severikirche is best-known for its large baptismal font, not to mention the beautiful monument tomb of St. Severus. Made of pink sandstone, the monument is the highlight of the church.


Another extremely popular landmark of Erfurt is the Krämerbrücke. This landmark is actually an old bridge covered with inhabited half-timbered houses. The bridge is a major tourist attraction of the city, being dominated by antique and artisans’ shops. The bridge is unique in the continent, north of the Alps. If you love unique attractions, you can not miss to make a walk on the bridge.

The Krämerbrücke helmuthess/Flickr

The Krämerbrücke ©helmuthess/Flickr

The Old Synagogue

As a third important religious building of Erfurt, the Old Synagogue is a main tourist attraction, too. It is considered to be Europe’s oldest synagogue building. The Romanesque building was completed in 1094 and today houses a museum and the Erfurt Treasure (a hoard of coins, jewelry and goldsmith’s work). If you are interested in visiting museums on your holiday, don’t miss the Old Synagogue.

Petersberg Citadel

Last, but not least attractive is the beautiful Petersberg Citadel of Erfurt. The Petersberg Citadel is considered to be one of Europe’s biggest still existing early-modern citadels. It covers the city centre’s whole north-western part. The fortification was built after 1665, on Petersberg hill. It was under military use ‘til 1963. Don’t miss to visit it!

Petersberg Citadel RescueAnn85/Flickr

Petersberg Citadel ©RescueAnn85/Flickr



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