Visiting Germany during fall season

Germany landscape during fall Axel-D/Flickr

Germany landscape during fall ©Axel-D/Flickr

You may be surprised if I say that autumn is an excellent time to visit Germany. This is the time of the year when summer crowds leave the country, great local wine festivals occur and the prices of flights and hotel rooms get lower. If you did not have enough time during this summer to visit the amazing European country, Germany, I recommend you to do it this fall.

The weather may be surprisingly pleasant and the great fall events attract millions of tourists. One such famous event is the world renowned Oktoberfest. If you visit Germany during October, you can not miss it! Well, I am sure that you find this introduction convincing. If you really do, read the following guide, than make your packages and visit Germany during this fall season

The price of flights and hotel rooms

As the temperature, the prices of flights and hotel rooms also get lower during fall season. The hotel rates and airfares start to drop at the end of September. Therefore, the best time to visit Germany if you are looking for low prices, is during October and November. The exception is the date of Oktoberfest. During this famous event prices are high due to the abundance of tourists visiting the country.

The weather during fall

September and October are characterized by gorgeous and pleasant weather, just perfect for making long walks while admiring the colorful fall foliage. The late warm days are named by Germans “Altweibersommer” which literally means “Indian summer”. You also have to be prepared for rainy and cold days, so always have a sweater, a warmer jacket and an umbrella.

As for November, the days get shorter and colder and in some parts of the country it can even snow sometimes. The average high temperature in September is 19°C, in October it is 14°C and in November the average high is 8°C.

Germany landscape during fall Axel-D/Flickr

Germany landscape during fall ©Axel-D/Flickr

Fall events

There are innumerable fall events held all over Germany. Of course, the major fall event is the world renowned Oktoberfest which attracts millions of visitors every autumn to Germany.

Visitors arrive to Munich to drink beer, join together to sing and eat delicious sausages. Oktoberfest celebrates the Bavarian cuisine and culture. There are also numerous wine and harvest festivals occurring in the country, not to mention the Christmas markets starting in November.

Oktoberfest Bernt Rostad/Flickr

Oktoberfest ©Bernt Rostad/Flickr

What to do in Germany during fall season

Besides attending the fall events, you can also make long walks in the national parks and forests, admiring the changing nature. You can also following the fantastic German Wine Road which leads through picturesque vineyards, villages and wine shops.

Fall leaf SteFou!/Flickr

Fall leaf ©SteFou!/Flickr

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