Visiting Saxony


Saxony or, as it is usually called, the free state of Saxony, is an area of unaltered natural beauty. The region has a rich cultural landscape and centuries old but well-preserved traditions. Visiting Saxony should be done for the famous craftsmanship in the Ore Mountains, the Sorb traditions and the special dialect called Vogtland. Besides the centuries-old traditions, Saxony was not left far away from innovation. The region is a high-tech location and has many complex technological projects. That is why some call it the „Silicon Saxony”, the „Autoland Saxony: or the „Bio Saxony”. Saxony is very attractive to tourists. Countless visitors are drawn by the beauty of our unaltered natural landscapes and the beautiful cities each year. Saxony also counts many magnificent castles, fortresses and gardens included in the historical and cultural heritage of the place. But Saxony has still much more to offer and visiting Saxony is the best choice when it comes to Germany.

The cities and regions


Saxony’s cities and towns owe most of their beauty to their enemies. The wars over the land and the waters and the robbery campaigns against merchants, made Saxony build some of the most imposable castles and fortresses, watch-towers and walled dungeons in order to preserve their goods and people. If we speak about Saxony, the first thing that comes in mind is Dresden or Leipzig, two extremely beautiful cities representing the region. If you are looking for impressive architecture, you should visit Chemnitz or Zwickau. The town that preserves the best the original antique architecture is maybe Gorlitz, with its thick fortified walls. But every town in Saxony is beautiful in its own way and worth a visit. Discover the special charm of Saxony by visiting some of the many beautiful cities in the region. You will surely remain with unforgettable memories of them.

Did you know that…?


Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about Saxony. Did you know for instance that Dresden is not only the capital of Saxony but that the town used to be called the “Florence on the Elbe”? That nickname comes from the fact that Dresden is a beautiful combination of architecture and art. Did you also know that Saxony is the motherland of Reformation? That is why many successful Protestant missionaries come from Saxony and that is why the region has many protestant churches. Another interesting fact about Saxony is that the Saxons usually let visitors watch them while working. The craftsmen here are also skilled.

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