Visiting the Munich’s Museums

We may say about Munich that the city is represented by nature, art, culture and events. The city has the reputation of being a cultural metropolis. Inside Munich one can find many cultural objectives and visiting the Munich’s Museums should be included in every tourist’s journey. The attractions may vary from Art museums to industry museums and there are over a hundred of museums and art galleries to choose. Visiting the Munich’s Museums comes easily when having a map and local or contracted tour guide.

Art and Culture at Old Pinakothek and New Pinakothek


One of the most visited museums in the city is Old Pinakothek (or Alte Pinakothek), situated in Kunstareal. This is an Art Museum exposing international works of art from the 14th through the 18th century. This is one of the best art museums in Europe. The museum is very-well organized. Important works are highlighted and it is hard to miss them when going on a quick tour. The local audio tour guide is available in many languages. You could easily spend a whole day in the museum, without noticing.

Newer pieces of art, dating from the 18th century until present can be seen at New Pinakothek or Neue Pinakothek. Most of the exhibits help visitors understand the Bavarian and the central European history. You need to make sure you reserve at least half a day for this fascinating art museum.

There is a new addition to the two Pinakothek museums. The Brandhorst museum, opened in 2009, holds works of the biggest names in the modern art. The Sunday fee for this museum is only 1 euro.

Renaissance sculptures in gothic style can be found at the Bavarian National Museum together with Baroque and Rococo jewelleries or paintings dating from the same times. This is an excellent history and culture museum.

Science and technology over the time – the Deutsches Museum

Another ‘must see’ museum in Munich is the Deutsches Museum (in English the German Museum). This is an interesting and large science museum where technology and science passionate can admire the many exhibits along the endless floors.  There is a fascinating mining exhibition inside the museum which is also captivating.

BMW factory turned into museum


The famous BMW museum in Munich is visited every year by many fans of the German car. The museum shows the history of BMW. The displays in the museum have detailed description and the modern designs are eye appealing. The museum uses modern technology to interact with visitors and this makes the visit even more interactive, even for those who are not that enthusiastic about cars.

If you just want to find more about the city of Munich, you should visit the Munich City Museum (or the Stadtmuseum). This shows the city’s history over time and exhibits documents from the city’s history. The museum has permanent or temporary exhibitions and covers a wide range of cultural fields.

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