Your tourist guide to Schöningen

Lower Saxony countryside erix!/Flickr

Lower Saxony countryside ©erix!/Flickr

Situated in Lower Saxony, the town of Schöningen is a wonderful community. Although it is quite a small town with about 12.000 of inhabitants, Schöningen and its surroundings are very attractive for visitors. There are numerous visitor attractions here and tourists can opt for different outdoor activities. The cityscape is astonishing, being dominated by old houses, churches, beautiful squares and parks. Schöningen also has on offer several fantastic restaurants, bars, cafes and great hotels to stay at. All you need to do is to make your packages, make a reservation at one of the hotels and enjoy your stay. Before, I suggest you to read this tourist guide to Schöningen.

Visitor attractions

There are several fantastic sights in and around the beautiful town of Schöningen. The town is well-known for the ancient wooden spears (four by number) which have been found in a mine near the town. These are considered to be about 400.000 years old, making them the oldest wooden artifacts of the world. These spears are exhibited today in the town.

Another attraction of Schöningen is the 14th century beautiful Scahaningi Castle. Besides, there are several wonderful churches here, including St. Vincent Church and St. Lorenz Church. The Local History Museum is dedicated to those interested in history. The town square and the City Hall are also important landmarks and worth visiting attractions.

Lower Saxony countryside erix!/Flickr

Lower Saxony countryside ©erix!/Flickr

Outdoor activities

The surroundings of Schöningen are very attractive for tourists. Several great outdoor activities can be practiced here. If you love golf, I have good news for you: there is a fantastic golf course near a forest, adjacent the town. Hiking and biking in the surrounding countryside are also great activities for the whole family.

The Elm Lappwald Nature Park is situated adjacent the town. It is easily accessible, especially by bike. Rent a bike in the town and explore the park or the surrounding area. Another fantastic thing to do in the town is to get out on the town square on Saturday. It is the day when the weekly market occurs. You can buy fantastic souvenirs for your loved ones.

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Playing golf ©Fevi in Pictures/Flickr


There are several accommodation options in Schöningen, ranging from hotels to hostels and guesthouses. The hotels are the following: Hotel Zeitreise, Hotel Haage and Hotel Principale (Schloss Schöningen). As for the hostels dedicated to young travelers, there is one great hostel here. It is the Jugendherberge Hostel. Besides, there are some fantastic guesthouses in the town: Pension M. Scholz, Pension „Schäferstübchen“, Haus Pientok Lothar and so on.  

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Hiking ©Nic’s events/Flickr

Restaurants, bars and cafes

The best restaurant of the town is the restaurant of the Hotel Schloss Schöningen. Besides, there are several other smaller restaurants of many kinds and fast-food restaurants here, including Italian and Greek restaurants. There are good cafes and bars in the town, too.

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