Your tourist guide to Southern Germany

Munich Frauenkirche caitriana/Flickr

Munich Frauenkirche ©caitriana/Flickr

Germany is a spectacular tourist destination, with dozens of things to see and to do. From mountains to lakes, from breathtaking palaces to churches, from spa resorts to historic cities, Germany has it all! The country is divided into several parts. One of these is Southern Germany. This area includes the famous region of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. If you visit this area on your next holiday, I suggest you to read the following guide first. It will serve as your tourist guide to Southern Germany. The best destinations of the region are the following: Munich, Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Nuremberg, the Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps, Lake Constance and other fascinating sights.


As one of the most significant and biggest cities of Southern Germany, Munich is a captivating tourist destination. The third most populous city of the country is home to dozens of spectacular landmarks. It includes beautiful castles, palaces (including Schloss Schleißheim, Schloss Nymphenburg and Schloss Dachau), beautiful churches, the Old and New Townhall, wonderful parks, interesting museums and art galleries. The city is also famous for the worldwide famous Oktoberfest held here every October. Visiting the city is surely a great travel experience.

Munich Frauenkirche caitriana/Flickr

Munich Frauenkirche ©caitriana/Flickr


Another popular city of the area is Stuttgart. The capital city of Baden-Württemberg is famous for its friendly residents and automotive industry. Stuttgart is home to dozens of visitor attractions, including churches, palaces, museums, the zoo, art galleries, gardens, parks and other sights. As for the entertainment, there are several theatres, discotheques, clubs and other venues in the city.


One of Germany’s most beautiful cities, Heidelberg is situated in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the country which is not surprising if we think of the wonderful buildings of this historic city. The major highlights of Heidelberg are: the Castle, the historic city centre, the Jesuitkirche, the Heiligenberg mountain, the Heiliggeistkirche and others. A visit to this fascinating city is like a step back in past.

View over Heidelberg rs-foto/Flickr

View over Heidelberg ©rs-foto/Flickr

The Black Forest

As one of Europe’s most famous mountain range, the Black Forest is famous for its spectacular flora and landscapes. Besides the fantastic nature, the area includes numerous fantastic towns, including Freiburg, Pforzheim, Offenburg and others. The famous spa resort, Baden-Baden is also situated in the Black Forest. For the lovers of hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding and even lake diving the Black Forest is the best place to go.

House in the Black Forest Fr Antunes/Flickr

House in the Black Forest ©Fr Antunes/Flickr

The Bavarian Alps

The fantastic Bavarian Alps is considered one of the most beautiful regions of the country and also one of the most breathtaking landscapes in all of Central Europe. The region is famous for its typical rural area, abundant and colorful wildlife, picturesque forests and astonishing glacial lakes. For the lovers of nature it is the perfect destination.

Lake Constance  

The most famous lake of Germany is also known as Bodensee. Lake Constance is Central Europe’s third biggest lake and it is a major tourist attraction of Southern Germany. I think you shouldn’t miss it either.

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